Healthy Pet Visit

Once you have decided that you would like Motor City Vet Care to provide wellness care for your pet, please proceed to the website to make an appointment. Once that appointment is confirmed, you will receive consent paperwork via email that gives. Dr. Marcy permission to perform services for your pet. Please bare in mind that, if you have multiple pets, you will need to book an appointment for each pet to ensure that there is enough time allotted for all pets. (There is a multi-pet discount, but every pet deserves the same amount of attention focused on them).

You can expect Dr. Marcy to arrive within 30 minutes of the booked appointment time. Should you need to cancel, you will need to do so within 24 hours of your appointment. Dr. Marcy understands that life happens and she will try to accommodate any changes in your schedule, so long as it doesn’t disrupt any of her other clients.

Please have any medical records that are pertinent to the visit available at the time of visit. You will want to have previous vaccination history, as well as a list of medications or diagnoses that are applicable to this visit. Dr. Marcy is NOT a full-service veterinarian. If your pet is having an emergency or needs extensive diagnostics, you will need to follow up with your regular veterinarian. Dr. Marcy’s services are limited to what can be done safely in the home.

Dr. Marcy strictly adheres to the COVID-19 protocols in place from MHHDS, so everyone present must be wearing a mask. This is not negotiable.

Dr. Marcy accepts cash, check, PayPal, and Venmo. Credit Card transactions require an extra 3% added to your final invoice.

In-Home Euthanasia Visit

We know that this may be one of the hardest decisions that you will ever make. Your regular veterinarian is your best resource for helping you determine when “it’s time”. Once you’ve made the decision that it’s time for euthanasia, you can go straight to our website and make an appointment request for a specific time that works for you. Once we receive your request, we will contact you to chat about your pet and confirm or adjust the time based on what else is on the schedule that day. Once you’ve confirmed your appointment, you will receive information via email on how to prepare for our visit as well as an invoice that you can pay securely online if you’d like to prior to the visit. Dr. Marcy will call you again on the day of your appointment when she’s on her way to give you an estimated time of arrival and to address any additional questions or concerns you have prior to her arrival.

You will want to pick a location that is comfortable for you and your pet. Some smaller pets who are used to being held will be comfortable in your lap or on your furniture. You should have a waterproof layer (like a “pee pad” or simply a plastic layer like a garbage bag) between your pet’s bed and the underlying surface. I also suggest that you have some yummy food like treats, bacon, hot dogs, or whatever your pet absolutely loves. If they are still eating, we will have you feed them a little snack to distract them from the sedation injection we give at the beginning of the appointment. It’s important that you review the consent form sent to your email before your appointment. If you are able to sign it beforehand, that would also be much appreciated. If you’re not able, don’t worry; Dr. Marcy will be bringing a copy with her when she comes. If you are planning to pay by cash or check, please prepare your payment before Dr. Marcy arrives so that we can focus entirely on your pet during our visit.

Dr. Marcy strictly adheres to the COVID-19 protocols in place from MHHDS, so everyone present must be wearing a mask. This is not negotiable. Dr. Marcy will confirm your pet’s info and aftercare choices. Payment will be collected at this time. Dr. Marcy will then give your pet small injection for relaxation. This will take your pet into a deep and comfortable sleep within 5-15 minutes. Most pets are deeply after asleep after that first ten minutes, but if they’re not, we will give them more time or more medicine to get sleepier. Once your pet is settled and comfortable, Dr. Marcy will give the second injection that is simply an overdose of anesthesia. The euthanasia injection is not at all painful and most pets will pass within a moment or two after receiving this second injection. While most pets respond in similar ways to the medicines we use, death can sometimes be unpredictable and may not always come in exactly the same way for every patient. Some pets may require additional time or medicine to help them transition smoothly. Others may require us to move faster if they are showing any signs of discomfort. Dr. Marcy will talk you through every moment of the experience as it is happening. Our ultimate goal is to facilitate a peaceful and unforced transition for our patients. Dr. Marcy will then step out again to give you the privacy and as much time you need. Dr. Marcy will then work with you to accommodate the aftercare that you have chosen.