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Health Certificates

Traveling is stressful enough, especially given the current times. Let Dr. Marcy help you by ensuring your pet has everything they need to travel. Pets oftentimes need documentation to travel, whether it be by air, road, or rail. Dr. Marcy has the credentials to provide documentation for any type of travel, interstate or international.

When considering interstate or international travel for your dog or cat, plan ahead because some preparations may need to start six months or more in advance.

For more information on traveling with your pet, please visit the American Veterinarian Medical Association’s website.


  • Exam and Travel Fee – $150
  • Health certificates – Start at $50 (but will depend on location – interstate vs. international)

Please note: Client must have information about destination address prior to exam. If pet requires any additional services (vaccines, deworming, etc.) to travel, there will be additional fee.

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