Getting Started

Once you have decided that you would like Motor City Vet Care to provide wellness care for your pet, please proceed to make an appointment. Once that appointment is confirmed, you will receive consent paperwork via email that gives Dr. Marcy permission to perform services for your pet.

Gather Information Ahead Of Time

Please have any medical records that are pertinent to the visit available at the time of visit. You will want to have previous vaccination history, as well as a list of medications or diagnoses that are applicable to this visit.

In addition, Dr. Marcy may also ask about your pet’s diet, exercise regimen, and any additional habits that will help her to truly understand your pet’s daily lifestyle.

Escape the stress of traveling to the vet

Escape from the stress of having to pick your pet up, put him/her in a crate, fumble with the care, and take a stressful ride to the vet. House calls make vet visits more pleasant for you and your pet!

Additional Details

  • Dr. Marcy is NOT a full-service veterinarian. If your pet is having an emergency or needs extensive diagnostics, you will need to follow up with your regular veterinarian. Dr. Marcy’s services are limited to what can be done safely in the home.
  • Dr. Marcy strictly adheres to the COVID-19 protocols in place from MHHDS, so everyone present must be wearing a mask. This is not negotiable.
  • Dr. Marcy accepts credit card payments via PayPal.

Multiple Pet Visits

Please keep in mind that, if you have multiple pets, you will need to book an appointment for each pet to ensure that there is enough time allotted for all pets.

There is a multi-pet discount, but every pet deserves the same amount of attention focused on them. 

Scheduling & Cancellations

You can expect Dr. Marcy to arrive within 15 minutes of the booked appointment time. Should you need to cancel, you will need to do so within 24 hours of your appointment. Dr. Marcy understands that life happens and she will try to accommodate any changes in your schedule, so long as it doesn’t disrupt any of her other clients.